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Cats are going crazy

Poor Kai & Charrie have nothing to do but hang around.

Yes, Kai does really sit like Budha!

Yes, Kai does really sit like Budha!



The cats have been imprisoned since the discovery of the bird nest.  But they will soon again be able to run the yard, the baby birds are growing up fast.

Three baby birds

Three baby birds

Bolo visited his mom today

It has been quite a few years since Bolo visited with his mother, Usha.  She recently turned 13 years old and still looks pretty good.


Left to right, Bolo 5 yrs, Usha 13 yrs


Before the visit with Usha it was an early morning at the schutzhund field.  It is getting really hot very quickly her in HOTlanta.  So we try to get all the training in very early.    And there were repairs to  be made today.


Jared fixing the light.

Lots to blog about tonight

Last night we had our monthly Sea Turtle Dive Club meeting.  Some potential new members showed up.  One even brought a delicious homemade pound cake.  Yum, sure wish I had a slice right now, and maybe some fresh strawberries and whip cream.  We had a great time discussing past trips and future plans.

Tonight Mary’s Pirate Tote & luggage tags arrived in the mail.  What is a Pirate Tote?  It is Captain Casey’s newest project. 



We spent Christmas 2006 with Casey on board the SV Yankee Clipper.   Casey introduced us to Mayreau (one of our favorite islands of all times) on this trip.   The island of Mayreau and its children hold a special place in Casey’s heart.  Windjammer Barefoot Cruises has gone out of business now.  And Casey is in the battle for his life fighting cancer.  The proceeds from the totes help with his medical bills.  The proceeds from the luggage tags are being donated to Mayreau’s school.     If anyone out there is interested in getting their own tote or tag contact Casey at:

One neat story to share about the trip on board the Yankee Clipper.  Before leaving on vacation, Mary’s office held a little Christmas decorating contest.  Everyone on her floor cut out paper snowflakes and they were hung from the ceiling.  When we left on vacation, Mary took those snowflakes with us.  The snowflakes and some other school supplies were donated to the school in Mayreau.  So, when the kids came back to school after their Christmas vacation, they were treated to the very first snow storm in the West Indies!

Back to tonight and what’s going on here & now.  Pete put to use the new chipper thingy.  He started by trimming the hedges by the driveway.  Well he didn’t get very far into that projoct when he discovered a birds nest in the those hedges.  Hopefully there is still enough shade covering the nest, so that these babies can grow up. 

Momma bird in the tree

Pete’s got a new toy… well at least he thinks so.

Thanks to Craig’s List, Pete got a 10 hp chipper tonight.  He can’t wait to rid the pond of all the brush growing around it.  Mary doesn’t find it all that exciting, but Pete sure is happy!

2 days and no post, what happened?

OK, we had a legitimate excuse for Monday, but Tuesday no excuse, just lazy. Monday night our internet service was malfunctioning.  We have DSL provided by TDS Telcom.  Most of the time the service is excellent… but when something goes wrong, it takes time to fix it.  And Monday night was one of those times that something went wrong, service was dead all night.

Mary has been busy converting our imageevent photo albums to phanfare, our soon to be new online ablum provider.  It will take some time to convert all the ablums.

Pete never one to have idle hands has found yet a new “hobby”. 


He’s learning to make key chains, lanyards, and dog toys with parachute cord and rope.  It gives him something to fiddle with while watching TV.

The magic of bioluminescence

A few hours ago and the headline to this post might have been “No Rest For The Wicked”.  Today has been a day chocked full of chores… mowing the lawn, laundry, dusting, and other household maintenance. 

Thankfully the day ended with an early evening walk with the dogs around the yard of Rottn’ Manor.  And the fireflies were out in force.    There is something about the sudden burst of flight that they get when the “ignite” that just makes me chuckle.   I always imagine them screaming as if they me were riding a roller coaster.

— Mary

Typical Saturday in Georgia

Mary was up and out of the house by 7am, taking Tasha and Bolo to schutzhund training.  The morning temps were fairly cool, but it was heavy with humidity.  Tasha worked really hard but the heat effects her more than Bolo.  Mary has made plans to trial Bolo at least one more time for the SchH 3, to see if the scores can’t be improved more.  So, training continues.  Funny thing today at the end of training was the discovery of some flying squirrel nesting in a birds nest.  They are smaller than Mary thought they would be and pretty cute too.

Pete slept in and spent the day “puttering” around the house.  There is always something to do when you own a house.

Of course for Mary the big excitement of the afternoon was the Belmont Stakes race.  Well, “Bird is the word”, but not Mine That Bird.  It was a surprising victory for Summer Bird.   It was a fitting out come for this race.  The Belmont is known for the under dog finishing first.  Both Mine That Bird and Summer Bird are sired by Birdstone who in 2004 Belmont spoiled Smarty Jones’ attempt to become a triple crown champion. 

After the race we went to Canton to have Mexican for dinner.  After dinner, we picked up a few groceries.  And now we sit here, Mary’s blogging and Pete’s watching a Rockumentary on the band Iron Maiden.

Gate project was a success

The gate looks great, compared to the mangled mess that it was before.  And tonights weather… beautiful.  It was in the low 70’s when Mary got off work.  And it looks like the weather will be nice for the weekend too!  The dogs will appreciate the nice weathe tomorrow at Schutzhund training.  They get a little stir crazy couped up on rainy days.

Did have to run out tonight to pick up some zinc paint to finish the gate project.  And of course while we were out we just had to try this new burger joint in, Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Canton.  It was yummy but expensive.

Rainy night – schutzhund training cancelled!

Well we need the rain, but this spring has been especially damp.

Thursday night is normally a training night for Bolo & Tasha, but the rain has spoiled that for tonight anyways.  Last Thursday was a particularly fun training night.  The guys from Forsyth County Sheriff’s K9 department came out to train with us.  One of the deputies was the helper (bad guy) for Bolo.  Bolo had lots of fun and really gave the deputy a work out. 

Pete has been in the garage cutting the top rail that we bought last night… oh, and we went to Lowes not Home Depot.  Lowes is brand new and we are still getting use to the store layout.  Back to the gate project, Pete reports that all is ready for the welder tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Pete’s Friday off.  He works a modified work schedule of 80 hours in a two week time frame.   Monday through Thursday he works a 9 hour day and on alternating Fridays he works 8 hours, thus giving him Fridays off every other week.   It’s a great schedule that Mary wishes she could duplicate, but the nature of what she does for work really isn’t conducive to that flexibility.

Day 2 of blogging…

Usual day of work for both of us…

Tonight we go to Home Depot to get some fence top rail to repair our gate that the UPS driver mangled a while back.  It was a stormy rainy day when the UPS driver attempted to back the big brown truck up our driveway.  The opening was big enough for Mary’s van but not wide enough for the UPS truck.  Pete beat the twisted gate back into a temporarily useable gate (though some of the pipe was stressed to the breaking point).   After stops at all the local hardware stores we came to the conclusion that our gate was custom built by the previous owners.   Now Pete is ready to weld (fabricate) a new gate.  OK, so Pete won’t actually be doing the welding himself.  There is a guy a few miles away from us with a welding business, but Pete has to cut the pipes to size with some kind of special “fish mouth” cut so that the pipe will weld correctly.  Wish us luck!

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