Day 2 of blogging…

Usual day of work for both of us…

Tonight we go to Home Depot to get some fence top rail to repair our gate that the UPS driver mangled a while back.  It was a stormy rainy day when the UPS driver attempted to back the big brown truck up our driveway.  The opening was big enough for Mary’s van but not wide enough for the UPS truck.  Pete beat the twisted gate back into a temporarily useable gate (though some of the pipe was stressed to the breaking point).   After stops at all the local hardware stores we came to the conclusion that our gate was custom built by the previous owners.   Now Pete is ready to weld (fabricate) a new gate.  OK, so Pete won’t actually be doing the welding himself.  There is a guy a few miles away from us with a welding business, but Pete has to cut the pipes to size with some kind of special “fish mouth” cut so that the pipe will weld correctly.  Wish us luck!

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