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Rainy night – schutzhund training cancelled!

Well we need the rain, but this spring has been especially damp.

Thursday night is normally a training night for Bolo & Tasha, but the rain has spoiled that for tonight anyways.  Last Thursday was a particularly fun training night.  The guys from Forsyth County Sheriff’s K9 department came out to train with us.  One of the deputies was the helper (bad guy) for Bolo.  Bolo had lots of fun and really gave the deputy a work out. 

Pete has been in the garage cutting the top rail that we bought last night… oh, and we went to Lowes not Home Depot.  Lowes is brand new and we are still getting use to the store layout.  Back to the gate project, Pete reports that all is ready for the welder tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Pete’s Friday off.  He works a modified work schedule of 80 hours in a two week time frame.   Monday through Thursday he works a 9 hour day and on alternating Fridays he works 8 hours, thus giving him Fridays off every other week.   It’s a great schedule that Mary wishes she could duplicate, but the nature of what she does for work really isn’t conducive to that flexibility.

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