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Typical Saturday in Georgia

Mary was up and out of the house by 7am, taking Tasha and Bolo to schutzhund training.  The morning temps were fairly cool, but it was heavy with humidity.  Tasha worked really hard but the heat effects her more than Bolo.  Mary has made plans to trial Bolo at least one more time for the SchH 3, to see if the scores can’t be improved more.  So, training continues.  Funny thing today at the end of training was the discovery of some flying squirrel nesting in a birds nest.  They are smaller than Mary thought they would be and pretty cute too.

Pete slept in and spent the day “puttering” around the house.  There is always something to do when you own a house.

Of course for Mary the big excitement of the afternoon was the Belmont Stakes race.  Well, “Bird is the word”, but not Mine That Bird.  It was a surprising victory for Summer Bird.   It was a fitting out come for this race.  The Belmont is known for the under dog finishing first.  Both Mine That Bird and Summer Bird are sired by Birdstone who in 2004 Belmont spoiled Smarty Jones’ attempt to become a triple crown champion. 

After the race we went to Canton to have Mexican for dinner.  After dinner, we picked up a few groceries.  And now we sit here, Mary’s blogging and Pete’s watching a Rockumentary on the band Iron Maiden.

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