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Lots to blog about tonight

Last night we had our monthly Sea Turtle Dive Club meeting.  Some potential new members showed up.  One even brought a delicious homemade pound cake.  Yum, sure wish I had a slice right now, and maybe some fresh strawberries and whip cream.  We had a great time discussing past trips and future plans.

Tonight Mary’s Pirate Tote & luggage tags arrived in the mail.  What is a Pirate Tote?  It is Captain Casey’s newest project. 



We spent Christmas 2006 with Casey on board the SV Yankee Clipper.   Casey introduced us to Mayreau (one of our favorite islands of all times) on this trip.   The island of Mayreau and its children hold a special place in Casey’s heart.  Windjammer Barefoot Cruises has gone out of business now.  And Casey is in the battle for his life fighting cancer.  The proceeds from the totes help with his medical bills.  The proceeds from the luggage tags are being donated to Mayreau’s school.     If anyone out there is interested in getting their own tote or tag contact Casey at:

One neat story to share about the trip on board the Yankee Clipper.  Before leaving on vacation, Mary’s office held a little Christmas decorating contest.  Everyone on her floor cut out paper snowflakes and they were hung from the ceiling.  When we left on vacation, Mary took those snowflakes with us.  The snowflakes and some other school supplies were donated to the school in Mayreau.  So, when the kids came back to school after their Christmas vacation, they were treated to the very first snow storm in the West Indies!

Back to tonight and what’s going on here & now.  Pete put to use the new chipper thingy.  He started by trimming the hedges by the driveway.  Well he didn’t get very far into that projoct when he discovered a birds nest in the those hedges.  Hopefully there is still enough shade covering the nest, so that these babies can grow up. 

Momma bird in the tree

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