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Alabama Road Trip

Haven’t had much time to post lately… to bring y’all up to speed.

Pete’s been busy with house project after house project. And just finished installing a ceiling fan in the master bedroom, that will be nice during the summer.

Marys been taking Bolo over an hour away for some conformation classes. She’d like to enter him into a national conformation show next year, but he needs better training “gaiting” correctly around the ring.

And together we just got back from a quick road trip to Alabama. Below are a few pictures, more will be posted soon.

In between some shopping, we hung out with some real characters!

Last night was interesting.  Our neighbors were playing dueling fireworks.  Mary thought the dogs would be bothered by the excitement.  Neither were scared or nervous of the noise.  If anything Tasha seemed to be annoyed by the obvious breaking of the law and if we let her she was going to go put an end to whole thing.  Bolo wanted to join her once they set off a few whistling fireworks.  Since we were enjoying the light show, we didn’t let the dogs protest too much.

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