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Anniversary celebration weekend

Well, this year we did not celebrate our anniversary with some exotic vacation.  Just a quiet meal out at the Woodbridge Inn followed by a Broadway show!  Broadway show in North Georgia?!?!   Now before you start to worry that we’ve gotten all sophisticated, let me explain.  The local community theater group, the Tater Patch Players, put on a wild and witty Mel Brooks play, The Producers, filled with humor and sarcastic wit.  And they did it very well.  Mary was in tears laughing at this show.  

Sometime Saturday night an unusual summer cold front made it’s way through Georgia.    So we decided to take advantage of the Mid-60’s temps by loading up the dogs and going for a hike.  For a while now Pete has wanted to see Brasstown Bald.  Brasstown Bald is the highest point in the Georgia, with a summit elevation of 4,784 feet.  The dogs definitely enjoyed the outing.  Tasha was a big hit with the kids.  And she loves them.  She is remarkably gently and moves slowly and carefully near the youngest children.  Bolo seemed to draw the attention of the adults.  Although he won over a few kids when he demonstrated a few tricks. 

Sadly the weekend flew by and now it’s Monday and back to the regular work week.  Ha, Pete even has to work a full 5 days this week.  Pete’s normal work schedule is to work 9 hour days on Monday through Thursday; one week he works 8 hours on Friday the next week he gets Friday off (I think they call it the 9/80 work schedule?) .

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