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Duck’s Amuck!!!

Ball Ground made the news again.  Click here to read Fox News Atlanta’s story about the more than 80 ducks dumped at a metro park.  The park has a very small pond, not large enough for the 80+ ducks… so, Mr. Nix had to get all his ducks in a row and back on his own property.  Apparently some agreement was made because as of tonight there were still half a dozen mallards still in the park.

We’ve been exploring Georgia one trail at a time, and added another one to our list on Sunday.  Amadahy Trail is within an hours drive of our house and a pretty easy hike too.  We took a few pictures and posted them in our online photo album:  Enjoy.

Wildlife at Rottn’ Manor

There has been an increase of wild animals spotted at Rottn’ Manor this week. 

It all started on Saturday when Pete tried to make friends with a non to happy rat snake.  It coiled and shook it’s tail, pretending to be a much more dangerous snake.  Rat snakes are good snakes to have around.   So, Pete let him go on his way. 

Then tonight Mary almost stepped on a box turtle.  Mary moved him to a safer area since he was inside the fenced in yard where Bolo and/or Tasha might mistake him for a very hard ball.  Also, tonight Pete startled a rabbit when he was out walking around.  We have lots of wild rabbits hanging out around here.  The hawks and owls appreciate the rabbits and keep their population in check.

Raven Cliffs Falls Hiking

We spent a good part of the day today hiking this 5 mile round trip trail.  We left the dogs home for this one.  Tasha has some swelling her foot, possibly a hairline fracture, so she is on the injured list.  We hope to get x-rays this week so we know for sure what is going on with her.  Of course it’s in an area that can’t be put in a cast or much else that can be done to help it heal… other than staying off it which means no 5 mile hikes. After our hike we enjoyed a quick lunch in Helen.  Photos of our hike are up on our photo album, so click the link to the right and enjoy.

Byron Herbert Reece Trail Hiking

Today we hiked on Byron Herbert Reece Trail. It is a .7 mile trail that leads to the Appalachian Trail.  Then we hiked along the AT for a mile to get to the Walasi-Yi Interpretive Center which is the only place that the AT goes through a man-made structure during the trail’s 2100 plus miles.  Who knows maybe piece by little piece we will get to hike all of the Appalachian Trail… OK maybe not!   Pictures are posted on our website so click on the link to our online photo album to see a few photos from our day hike.

Long time… no post

Mary has been busy converting our online photo album from imageevent to Phanfare. And she is finally done! So, click the link on this page to view our new Phanfare photo site. There are a few albums that weren’t on the old imageevent site.

Today was a very nice summer day. We spent some time in the pool.
IMG_1544 (resized)

And went out to our favorite pizza place for dinner, before walking around the monthly car show in Canton. There were a lot of cars there tonight. Some pretty cool cars, too.

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