There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills

Did you know that in the 1800’s that there was so much gold produced in Georgia that the US Mint actually had a branch in Dahlonega, Georgia? We spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the exhibits at the Dahlonega Gold Museum and touring the Consolidated Gold Mines.

Of course no day of touring can ever start without a good meal. There are lots of good restaurants in Dahlonega. We choose Dante’s, a restaurant that features Caribbean cuisine. We feasted on jerk chicken wings, jerk pork, and chipotle lime tilapia.

After a very satisfying lunch, we visited the Dahlonega Gold Museum, which is housed in the old court house building. The courthouse is one of the oldest still remaining in the United States. Upstairs where the court room use to be we were shown a short informative movie about gold mining operations in Georgia. There was a story told about one Georgia entrepreneur who gold plated the dash board of his car and drove to New York to get investors for a mining operation. The entrepreneur didn’t tell his investors that the mine had already been played out.

Next we toured the largest gold mine East of the Mississippi, the Consolidated Gold Mines. At the mine we were taken 60 feet below the ground and shown the conditions in which the miners worked. At one point the guide turned on an old air drill for a few brief seconds. It was loud and reverberated through the tunnels. After our tour below we got to try our hand at panning for gold. We both walked away with a vile contained a few nearly microscopic nuggets of gold that we actually panned ourselves!


Photos from our golden day are posted in our online photo album, enjoy.

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