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Georgia Marble Festival

Wow!  So, busy this past weekend…  car show, car drive in, live band playing on Main Street and a quarry tour.  Finally got the photos uploaded now time to catch up on the blog. 

We learned so much on our Quarry Tour.  Colonel Sam Tate was a benevolent dictator.  He master minded the successful quarry operations and built the town of Tate… kind of.  He did not allow smoking or drinking in his town.  And even for a while, he banned the drinking of Coca Cola.  Although, he certainly did try to take care of his employees.  He had a  hospital built by the employees donating one days labor. For about 50 cents a month he provided unlimited health care for his employees.  This not only included the quarry workers themselves, but also their family.  And teachers were covered too.   And what a high school he had built.  The only marble High School in the world.  Oh, about the teachers, if you were a woman you could teach as long as you were not dating or married.  Get married and Col. Sam Tate ended your teaching career.

One funny story we were told was about the Tate swimming pool.  Apparently the Colonel was out of the country for a while and when he returned he found out that one of his nephews had a swimming pool built and worst of all both women and men were in the pool at the same time.  Well, the Colonel wasn’t about to put up with any of that nonsense, so he had the pool filled in!

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