“Beer is proof…”

“…that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  Ben Franklin’s supposed famous quote.   It is Oktoberfest!  That along with Mary’s upcoming birthday sent us out Thursday night with free birthday dinner coupon in hand to Summits Wayside Tavern for some good pub grub and the featured pint of the night;  Maredsous Double.  Dinner was adequately greasy & yummy.  And the beer was as the review states: “A really enjoyable beer.”

On the way home, we stopped by Bolo’s breeders house to pick up some paperwork that for some odd reason was sent to him instead of Mary.   It was the long awaited Koer Klasse report from Bolo’s breed survey that was done back in May.  It takes a while to get everything sent to Germany then back to the USA office.  So Mary was eager to pick this up…  but it’s in German.  The USA office will send an english translated copy of the report “in a timely manner”.  In the mean time for everyone who reads German, click here to read it.  The most important part is the paragraph under “Gesamturteil” which describes Bolo.  Mary just so happen to have a co-worker who is German, so she had him translate it for her so that it can compare it to the USA english version when it is received.

On Friday Pete did a little welding job for a friend whose mower deck had cracked.  Pete has been having a lot of fun since he got that welder earlier this year.

And that brings us to today.  Saturday has turned into a day of choirs.  A lot of computer stuff for Mary too.  Pete has a busy week coming up at work and sadly it starts tomorrow… that’s right, he has to work on a Sunday. So, he has been very busy today preparing for the coming week.  It is Lockheed’s yearly Hercules conference. 

Well it’s about time to get some dinner started… so time to get off this computer.

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