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History lesson.

Today we attended the open house at The Historic Tate House. It is now a private mansion used mostly for weddings.  Once a year, the owners host an open house.  And until this year, we’ve always missed it.  We almost missed it this year too, but while eating lunch on Saturday a couple told us about it.  The house was decorated beautifully for the Christmas Holiday.  We took lots of pictures, just click on the photo album link on the right.


OK, which one of our Northern relatives sent this stuff down here? Really we don’t want a white Christmas, honest! Take it back up North.

Playing hookie

Is it really playing hookie when you ask your boss for a vacation day? And it really wasn’t a play day either.

First Pete got his allergy shots, then Mary got a hepatitis shot (preparations for our Thailand trip), and finally Mary just returned from the vet with Bolo.

Bolo had a follow-up exam for the leg injury he suffered in September. It went really well and the vet gave the go ahead to slowly build up his condition and get him back to work. and that’s great news for both Bolo (who is bored out of his skull) and Mary (who is more than ready for the leash walking restriction to be lifted).

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