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It’s the weekend!

In case you are having trouble finding something to drink to or about this weekend:      Jimmy tickets for his Atlanta April concert go on sale Monday. I am in no hurry to see the weekend fly by tho, cuz it’s virtually impossible to get tickets here in ATL. He’s sold out within a microsecond.
Now that the weekend is here, maybe I can catch up on my sleep… been staying up too late to watch the USA Olympic competitors win GOLD!!!! Ah, but I can’t sleep too much this weekend. The weather is improving… no snow or rain forecasted. Finally!

Snow again!

This is ridiculous… three of the last seven days we’ve had some type of frozen precipitation.  And tonight, the white stuff is actually piling up.  Click here to see our blizzard photos.

Our neighbors are having fun making a snowman.  We’ll try to get pictures of it tomorrow, not enough light outside for good photos tonight. 

We’re staying in and trying to keep warm.  We will be tuning into watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, rumor has it that the band RUSH will be playing a bit during the ceremony.

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