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What’s for dinner?

It appears that I’ve started something… now people are asking what have I cooked lately.  Well, here are the pics.

Tomorrow I think we will go out to dinner… all the dishes are dirty!

Carnival Cruise photos are finally posted

Here is a teaser photo:

If you want to see what that photo is all about and find out what other awesome things we did while hopping around the Caribbean, check out our Carnival Cruise photos:

The saga continues

Fresh marina sauce simmering on the stove.

made from scratch

Spinach tortillini pasta with bruschetta

Nobody panic, but it’s happened again!

I cooked!

It all started Saturday morning with a visit with my neighbor and his wonderful garden, followed with a visit to Ball Ground’s farmers market.  Yup, Ball Ground now has a Wednesday and Saturday morning farmer’s market.Here is a picture of my loot. 

The three varieties of tomatoes, large bunch of fresh basil, and cucumber are from my neighbor’s garden and the rest I got at the farmers market.

My lunch Saturday was a whole grain pasta, tuna, cucumber & dill salad, with a large slice of bruschetta.   And for dinner tonight, we had a margarita pizza.  I used a store-bought crust and sauce (haven’t had time yet to try to make my own marinara), fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, garden fresh basil, and garden fresh tomatoes.

Before going into the oven

…coming out of the oven.

I picked up some tortillini today at the store.  Maybe tomorrow I will figure out how to make a simple marinara to go over it… and of course, there will be more bruschetta.

Night out on the big town

We just got back from dinner.  Tonight, I enjoyed a steak dinner at Champions Cafe in Ball Ground.  After dinner we enjoyed the live band that Champions’ had playing outside.

Fresh ingredients

Our very kind neighbor shared his garden bounty of heirloom tomatoes with us.   I enjoyed half of one of those tomatoes at lunch with tuna salad.  That was very yummy, but dinner was even better!

I chopped the remaining tomatoes up, mixing them with some fresh basil, garlic, and olive oil.  Half of that I mixed with chopped fresh mozzarella cheese and spinach, then tossed with some cheese filled ravioli.  The other half of the chopped tomato mixture,  I added a little balsamic vinegar and served over some garlic toast with fresh mozzarella.  It was a wonderful fresh dinner of bruschetta and pasta.

The last time that I posted it was early April…

We’ll there has been a lot going on here in Georgia with our lives. Here is a little recap to catch y’all up to present day.

We’ve attended festivals like the food tasting at “Taste of Alpharetta” and the Luau at Champions Restaurant here in Ball Ground. There have been several car shows and live band performances in downtown Jasper… a Jimmy Buffett concert, river tubing in Helen, hiking nearly every weekend on a few trails in Georgia, three weekend get-a-ways; one to Chattanooga, one to Savannah, and one to Charleston. And a week-long cruise thru the Caribbean.

I’m a little behind in updating the online photo album… but I’m working on it. So, stay tuned for updates. Hopefully Carnival Cruise 2010 photos and Charleston photos will be posted soon!

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