Nobody panic, but it’s happened again!

I cooked!

It all started Saturday morning with a visit with my neighbor and his wonderful garden, followed with a visit to Ball Ground’s farmers market.  Yup, Ball Ground now has a Wednesday and Saturday morning farmer’s market.Here is a picture of my loot. 

The three varieties of tomatoes, large bunch of fresh basil, and cucumber are from my neighbor’s garden and the rest I got at the farmers market.

My lunch Saturday was a whole grain pasta, tuna, cucumber & dill salad, with a large slice of bruschetta.   And for dinner tonight, we had a margarita pizza.  I used a store-bought crust and sauce (haven’t had time yet to try to make my own marinara), fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, garden fresh basil, and garden fresh tomatoes.

Before going into the oven

…coming out of the oven.

I picked up some tortillini today at the store.  Maybe tomorrow I will figure out how to make a simple marinara to go over it… and of course, there will be more bruschetta.

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