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Busy, busy, busy…

What a busy (but fun last 24 hours)! 

Last night, we went out for dinner to The Last Catch, a local seafood restaurant in Jasper.   Pete had a healthy crab stuffed trout and I had tasty fried shrimp & oysters.  Then after dinner, we went to a “Broadway” musical production put on by a Jasper local theatrical group, the Tater Patch Players.  Last night’s production was Guys and Dolls.  This has been successfully running on Broadway for 60 years.  I really enjoyed the show put on by the Tater Patch Players.

Today we took the dogs hiking.  We startled a deer.  It took Tasha 15 – 20 minutes to settle down after that.  Bolo noticed the deer but certainly didn’t go into hunting mode like Tasha did.  So, if you’re ever stuck out in the wild I hope you have Tasha… you won’t starve.

The afternoon was taken up with shopping at Staples and Wal-Mart.  Big deals and sales right now.  Up to two “free” reams of paper… free for Staple rewards members… in the form of a Staples reward “check”… which must be used to purchase more stuff at Staples. 

Shopping took up most of the afternoon… and here it is dinner time and I’m trying to figure out what to cook to go with the butternut squash that I bought at the farmers market yesterday.  Well, I better get off the computer and into the kitchen… we don’t have elves that magically prepare dinner for us.

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