Cell phone ***RANT***

***rant on***

I know people who live on their cell phones… I don’t .  Often I don’t use 100 minutes a month, so I decided to drop my contract with Verizon a few months back and went with Net-10.  For less than $20 (thanks to website www.retailmenot.com), I got a basic reconditioned phone and 500 minutes that expired in 90 days. “Porting” my number from Verizon to Net-10 didn’t go off without a hitch, but once it was done, I enjoyed three months of useful service.    And now, with my unused minutes and service about to expire, I had the option of buying 150 minutes with 30 days of service for $15 -or- upgrading my phone and getting another 500 minutes/90 days of service for less than $20.  I foolishly choose to upgrade my phone. 

Got the new reconditioned phone a few days ago, activated it and even got my phone number switched to it.  It wasn’t easy, but it all seemed to go just fine.  Then I started getting the message “Emergency Only”, when calling from inside the house.

Which brings us up to now.  I have been on the phone with Net-10 for over an hour.  I know exactly what the problem is (the internet is a wonderful thing: http://howardforums.com/showthread.php/1418230-Net10-and-LG300G-quot-Emergency-Only-quot-issue). And I have told them that I received a SIM card for Tmobile and that Tmobile has terrible coverage in my neighborhood.  What I need is a SIM card for ATT… But the tech department has a play list of questions and diagnostic steps that must be completed, before they can conclude why I get the message “Emergency Only” when I try to make a call from my house. 

Finally, they agree that I need a SIM card for ATT service, which is what I told them over an hour ago!   Just 3-7 more days until I get my new SIM card and I get to do the activation process all over again, then maybe I can use my new phone at my house.

***rant off***

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