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Let’s make a super slick deal

My hair dryer died this week, but don’t cry for me.  This was just an opportunity to find a deal on a new one with better features.  So, for me, my search for deals always begins on  And as it happens, I also needed to go to CVS today to pick up my allergy meds (I love living in Georgia).  So, I looked for deals at CVS… and I found a great one. 

Rite Aid is offering new customers up to $50 to switch their prescriptions over to Rite Aid.  I printed Rite Aid’s coupons (, took them to CVS.  And, CVS honored the coupons! 

So, I was able to get my new hair dryer and a bunch of other stuff for the cost of printing a coupon… basically free! 

Actually the deal was made even better, because some of the stuff I bought with my CVS gift card had CVS extra bucks (coupons to use on my next purchase at CVS).  The hair dryer had $5 CVS extra bucks and the Tide had $2 CVS extra bucks… so, I actually got $57 worth of stuff at CVS for simply printing a competitors coupon and having a 5 minute talk with the pharmacist.

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