Survived an awesome weekend in Vegas

For my birthday we went to Las Vegas to see Jimmy Buffett’s last show of this years tour.  We met up with some of our Jammer friends and partied the weekend away.  The pre-concert street party (11 am –  6 pm) was worth the trip alone.  When Jimmy finally took to the stage shortly after 8 pm, it seemed like the party was just getting started.  There were beach balls flying everywhere. 

Sadly, Saturday night came and went too fast and Sunday morning arrived too early.  We had to catch our flight back to ATL.  Going through security at the LAS airport on the way home, Pete spots a guy with a guitar and says casually, I think that guy was up on stage with Jimmy last night.  Sure enough, it was Sonny Landreth (!  We spoke with him for a few minutes, a really cool guy.  I thought that he might be a bit standoffish but he was in no way.  Instead, he was very friendly and approachable.  We didn’t bug him for an autograph or photo or anything but just a quick conversation.  He said that he really enjoyed playing at the last show of the tour.  

What a great birthday weekend.  Only 364 more days until next year’s tour date (let’s hope)… and counting!

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