Disappointing dinner at Red Lobster

OK so maybe my expectations were too high when I read the name of a new item on the menu at Red Lobster… New England Lobster Rolls. Could I be so lucky that I don’t have to hop on a plane fly for hours, drive for a bit more to get a lobster roll? Ah, alas the answer is NO.

Compare these two pictures:

On the left, Red Lobsters feeble attempt at this New England classic. Notice that the chips are almost bigger than the rolls!?!?! But the worst offense… the mayonnaise was loaded with black pepper which completely masked the taste of the delicate sweet lobster.

On the right, DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant of Portland Maine.

Ah well, now I know not to order the item labeled Lobster Rolls on Red Lobsters menu. Thankfully they didn’t screw up the yummy garlic cheesey rolls!

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