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Bolo took 1st place in the trick contest at the Top Dogs Pet Boutique Paw Festival in Kennesaw.

Taking Bolo to theses types of events is a bit like wearing a sparkling evening gown into a department store… he gets noticed. 

We have been invited to do an obedience demo at an event in October and I thought that this would give us a nice opportunity to practice with the distractions of loud-speaker announcements and dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Bolo is such a pleasure to take to these types of events.  He demonstrates a stable temperament, sound body, and willingness to work under just about any condition asked of him.  It is so nice to show the average person what a German Shepherd Dog is supposed to look like and act like.  Most people there asked me what he was mixed with; as they are familiar only with the washed out, over angulated, and often with poor temperament version bred most often here in the US.  I explain to anyone who asks and everyone who will listen about the requirements of the breed survey… most are simply amazed that a dog would be required to do so much… I tell them that a GSD should be a working dog first!

Busy Saturday

Started the day at my vets office, talking to to him about potentially breeding Bolo.  Got a call from a lady who is very interested in his pedigree… lots to do & consider before this is finalized (if it ever is).

Then spent the rest of the day working on a “house” project. The area behind my van was getting washed out and worn down from loading and unloading the dogs.  Pete started the project last week and today I worked on it some more.  Now it is filled in with pea gravel and topped off with rubberized mulch.  That should help with the dogs aging joints jumping in and out of the back of the van.

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