Bolo took 1st place in the trick contest at the Top Dogs Pet Boutique Paw Festival in Kennesaw.

Taking Bolo to theses types of events is a bit like wearing a sparkling evening gown into a department store… he gets noticed. 

We have been invited to do an obedience demo at an event in October and I thought that this would give us a nice opportunity to practice with the distractions of loud-speaker announcements and dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Bolo is such a pleasure to take to these types of events.  He demonstrates a stable temperament, sound body, and willingness to work under just about any condition asked of him.  It is so nice to show the average person what a German Shepherd Dog is supposed to look like and act like.  Most people there asked me what he was mixed with; as they are familiar only with the washed out, over angulated, and often with poor temperament version bred most often here in the US.  I explain to anyone who asks and everyone who will listen about the requirements of the breed survey… most are simply amazed that a dog would be required to do so much… I tell them that a GSD should be a working dog first!

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