Growing older but not up!

To celebrate my birthday a couple of weekends ago, we phlocked to Las Vegas with a few thousand other parrot heads, and our California friends for Jimmy Buffett’s final concert of the Lounging at the Lagoon tour…. The pictures are now up at:

And below is the rest of the trip report:

The Saturday pre-concert Lounging at the lagoon pool party was spectacular. We had perfect timing meeting up with our California friends, Ralph & Rob, as we entered the pool party scene. Then we proceeded to meet as many new parrot head friends as we could. The weather was great and the musical entertainment was fun. There was even a girl in a beach ball in the pool.

Then Saturday night, Jimmy Buffett was having a great time on stage. It was the last show of the Lounging at the Lagoon tour and Jimmy was feeling the energy. We had great seats and thanks to Mary’s new camera, we got some awesome photos.

Sunday came and the weekend for us wasn’t over just yet. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool at the MGM Grand and even took a lap in the lazy river.

For dinner, we decided to take a trip down memory lane. Mary found this great recommendation for an Indian restaurant, Tamba, in the Hawaiian shopping plaza. We had a lovely meal with great hospitality that reminded us of our travels through India. We chatted with the owner and showed him pictures of our 2-weeks spent in his childhood country. He said although he grew up there, he had no such thorough experience as ours. He was planning a return trip with his 3 year old daughter and has been excited and inspired by our photos and conversation. Ah shucks.

The owner of Tamba was particularly impressed with the Overseas Adventure Tours company’s policy of exposing us tourists to the local rural community. And he was moved when Mary explained that the tour company sponsored a school there and the tourist often bring supplies. He said that we have many blessings from that trip. And that we do. After we finished our meal, the owner returned with his business card and told us that when we return to Las Vegas or if we have family in town, call him if we need anything.

After dinner, we strolled up the strip to the NY NY resort and into the Irish pub Nine Fine Irishmen. We bellied up to bar next to a couple from England…We knew this was going to be an interesting evening for sure. Soon after their departure from the bar, a gentleman came strolling thru wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor. And soon he pulled up a seat right next to Mary. We offered to buy him a drink, to which he graciously declined. He introduced himself and we chatted a bit.  The pubs Irish band was playing loud and lively music which was great and why we’re all here but it made conversation all but impossible.

Later that evening, back in our hotel room, we looked up his name; Jon R. Cavaiani and found his story on wikipedia:   Here is Retired Sergeant Major Cavaiani’s story in his own words:

It was such an honor to meet a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

Early the next morning, we visited the food court in MGM Grand for a McDonalds breakfast before catching a cab to the airport. Mary was a little afraid that we might get into an accident on the way to the airport, when the cab driver started asking about our time in Vegas and Pete mentioned meeting a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, the cab driver snapped to attention adjusting his mirror to look into Pete’s eyes. Well, we did make it to the airport and with plenty of time.

Our flight was on time and we had good seats. We had a pretty decent view of Hoover Dam, although it wasn’t lit very well for photographing. We also had cloud clear view of the Grand Canyon. About the only problem we had with our flight was that we intended to purchase sandwiches on board and they ran out before they got to us. It was only a 4 hour flight, so we made due.

We landed in ATL on time and had no problems with traffic. Another great trip in the log books!

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