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Mandalay meanderings….

The Sail Windjammer pamphlet that I have lists Carriacou after Grenada in the selection of Grenadine Islands that we may visit during a week sailing on the S/V Mandalay.   

Each time that we have sailed the Grenadines, Carriacou is a morning stop quite close to the end of the week.
It is no coincidence that most of the 100+ establishments that serve the notorious Jack Iron rum do not even open their doors until the sun is much higher over the yardarm. This is part of the captains master plan to keep to a minimum the amount of time Jack Iron will be on the Mandalay!  

Jack Iron rum is described by the ministry of rum as a light brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Of course that description doesn’t do it justice at all. Jack Iron is legendary stuff not to be messed with or taken lightly. It is said that one can use it as engine fuel, paint stripper and, in small portions, it is the cure to what ails you…oh and the real stuff will make your lips and tongue go numb with just a sip! 

The real Jack Iron Rum out of the oak barrels (stored in various containers under the local bars in Carriacou) is 99% strong; t-shirts and labels warn to keep it away from open flames. It quite literally can light up your life. And thus the captain is quite right in his efforts to keep “Jack” off his ship.

We, however, on occasion, have brought back to the states a bottle or two of the tourists version of Jack Iron. The “Tourist Version” of Jack Iron bottled by Westerhall is watered down to 140 proof to comply with airline regulations. 

It is perfect for Pete’s Chocolate Rum Cake.  

A tasty reminder of our island vacation. 

Soon we will be at Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar again

No shoes, no power, no roads… And somehow the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Locals, expats, and tourists will arrive by dingy for an afternoon of limin’.

Roger will serve up various rum drinks. And dominoes will be sitting on the table waiting for players.

“Life is just a tire swing” according to lyrics of a Jimmy Buffet song.  

Mary will serve up a BBQ plate that keeps people coming back another Sunday for more deliciousness (for us it has been a few years).

Stories will be shared, drinks drank, and games played…it will be another wonderful day on Hog Island, Grenada.

We had a visitor tonight

It’s an Eatern Hercules Beetle.  And he was big and mighty!

If you are searching for something to read…

May I suggest:

The Spice Necklace by Ann Vanderhoof
The author and her perpetually hungry husband ditched their Toronto careers to sail around the Caribbean ingesting as much of the island cultures as possible. Each chapter tells of a new adventure ashore, the cuisine discovered while visiting farms and processing sites (like the Grenadian chocolate factory), and learning to make the exotic local dishes. At the end of each chapter a local recipe is shared. 71 stories and recipes! Everything from stewed goat to callaloo.

The author combines two wonderful things: tourism and tasty food!

Available on Amazon – click here.

The countdown begins….

We have begun preparations for our next Windjammer adventure….

Back in 2006, we were late to the party. Both the WJBC sailing days and the movie night onboard the S/V Mandalay. That night we had gone ashore for a lobster dinner at Foxy’s. Approaching the ship via the launch, we could see an old sail being used as a movie screen and the movie was Captain Ron.   

Thus began a tradition for us. Each year as we plan our migration to the Caribbean, El Caribe, we prepare for “the land of voodoo, hoodoo, and all kinda weird $#!&” by sitting back, drinking a cold one, and watching that movie. Last weekend we checked this off our list…the countdown continues.

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