Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and all the best of health and happiness in the coming New Year!

At this time of year, we pause a moment and look back at the year, often we are amazed at how fast it has gone by.  This year, however, in some ways it seems like we are on the 300+ day of March. And while we haven’t been able to spend nearly enough time with our family and friends, nor traveling to far flung locations, we are healthy and have enjoyed exploring closer to our home. And for that we are happy!

We were both fortunate in that our jobs allow us to work full-time from home during this challenging year.  We’re both thankful that our careers with Royston and Lockheed Martin have remained steady as we look forward to the future.  Pete passed the 30 year mark of working for LM!  Several trips are planned for mid-2021 in hopes that travel will open back up soon.  On our target list are Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain, Dominican Republic and our favorite sailing ship, the Mandalay, out of Grenada.  Who knows what else lies over that horizon.

When we moved to Ball Ground in 1995, it was a town lost in time and saw no development for quite a while.  Things are sure changing now, though.  The past 10 years have seen several restaurants established including a food truck with a wood-fired pizza oven.  We have a coffee shop that ages their beans in used bourbon barrels, giving the coffee a great flavor. Now in mid-December, we have a micro-brewery opening.  All of this within walking distance of our house!  We also have a winery in town that hosts live music on weekends.

Hiking and kayaking are becoming a favorite weekend activities  We found 10 miles of trails in a 220-acre nature preserve nearby and try to get out every weekend to hike with our German Shepherd, Bailey.  There are two reservoirs nearby that we paddle on often.  Mary keeps busy watching the interwebs and travel shows to plan our next adventures.  Pete keeps busy with his guitar restoration, aviation history, and vintage VW collection.  No new VWs joined our family this year but there’s always room for one more!

You can keep up with our adventures by vising here or on our online photo album:

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