Together Pete and Mary enjoy exploring the world, including underwater exploration as open water certified SCUBA divers.

Where in the world have we been? Click here to find out.

Besides traveling we have many hobbies that keep us busy.  Mary’s primary hobby is training our dogs in the sport of schutzhund.  As there are three phases to this sport, it keeps her really busy.  Pete’s hobbies include playing guitar, flying airplanes as a private pilot just for the fun of it, tinkering on his VW Beetles, and showing off his Ford Mustang at car shows.




Rott’n Manor, our house gets its name from our dogs, mainly Rottweilers. Bolo, Tasha, Kobe, Trinka, Magnum, and Strudel always enjoyed romping in the almost 3 acre fenced-in yard. Now, Indy and Bailey enjoy the large yard and swimming in the spring fed pond, which continues to have the nickname of “Loch Strudel”. Trinka and Tasha did their best, and now it is Bailey’s job, to keep the yard free of squirrels, possums, rabbits and all other creatures that find Rott’n Manor an attractive place to live. In the back 3 acres of Rott’n Manor Pete has carved out mountain bike trails.



Where can you find Rott’n Manor?  We’re located just outside quaint Ball Ground, GA.  I know, we hadn’t heard of it either, until we found this wonderful house.  But now it is famous thanks to Tom Cruise and the movie “American Made” which had many scenes filmed in Ball Ground. Tom Cruise became well liked within the Ball Ground community, and a “Cruisin’ Ballground” Facebook page was created to share pictures of Cruise around town.

Pete & Mary of Rott’n Manor

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