Bailey of Rott’n Manor, TT, CGC, CGCA, TKN, FO, CSAU, Basic Herding Instinct

DOB: April 10, 2012                    AKC: PAL267730

Bailey has taught us much.  We rescued Bailey just as she was turning 2 years old.

When Bailey was about 1 1/2 years old, her life changed drastically as she spent six months in a pasture waiting for her family to sort through a difficult time in their lives.  Ultimately that family decided to surrender her to their neighbor who, at their request, had been feeding her during those six months.   That kind neighbor just happened to be friends with our pet sitter.  When we were told of Bailey’s situation, we went to her rescue that night.

Those six months occurred during a critical time in Bailey’s young life…she was maturing, becoming an adult German Shepherd Dog without proper socialization or training. The first year that we had her, we had to play catch up with her social skills.

Bailey is a quick study. She has already passed several obedience and temperament tests earning her the AKC CGC title, AKC CGCA title, AKC TKN title, WDA’s Family Obedience and the infrequently scheduled American Temperament Test Society’s TT test titles.  In 2020 Bailey attended a herding clinic and earned a Basic Herding Instinct certification.

She continues training towards the most challenging test for her, the IPO Begleithund (BH). The obedience of the BH consists of on and off leash heeling exercises and a long down stay. During the temperament test, the dog’s behavior is evaluated under distractions including automobile traffic, joggers, and bikers passing by, a group of people crowding the dog, another dog walking by with the owner out of sight, etc. This assures that nervous, shy, or aggressive dogs are excluded from competition and from breeding. This also ensures that the tested dog possesses a stable, healthy temperament and is not a danger to humans.


Bailey’s certifications:


Bailey has been feed a mostly raw diet since coming to live at Rott’n Manor. Nearly all of Bailey’s leashes, tugs, & toys were purchased from Horton’s Quality K9.

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