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V Bolo van Eisen Linde, CGC, TT, AD, SchH3, Kkl 1 

DOB:  December 22, 2003        EOW: June 6, 2017                  AKC:  DN06068108

Hips: Excellent (GS-73838E27M-PI) / Elbows: Normal (GS-EL18954M27-PI)

Bolo’s KKL report (English)Bolo’s KKL report (German)


Bolo was a very special German Shepherd Dog. Thanks to his breeder, Aus dem Traumblick kennels, he was bred from the very best of Belgium’s bloodlines. His father was the famous four time WUSV contender and Vice World Champion (2000) Troll vom Haus Milinda. His mother, Usha van Guy’s Hof, was the full sister to Ufo van Guy’s Hof,  Belgium’s infamous top producer of WUSV , FCI and National Schutzhund participants. Click here for Bolo’s Pedigree.

The first of Bolo’s outstanding achievements was his OFA hip evaluation of EXCELLENT, putting him in the top 4% of the GSD’s evaluated by the OFA.  His elbows were also evaluated and found to be NORMAL.

He easily earned the Canine Good Citizen ceritificate and passed with flying colors the American Temperament Test to earn the TT title.

Next he began excelling in local schutzhund trials as a Handler-Owned-Trained (HOT) competitor. He earned his Schutzhund I with 95 points in tracking, 81 in obedience, and 94 in protection, for a total score of 270. His Schutzhund II was earned with 90 points in tracking, 93 in obedience, and 91 in protection, for a total score of 274. And he continued his improvement earning his Schutzhund III with 97 points in tracking, 86 in obedience, and 93 in protection, for a total score of 276. Bolo has always been pronounced .  Video on YouTube: Bolo’s SchH III protection routine

Somewhere along the way Bolo earned his AD (12.5 mile endurance test) under USA judge Nicki Banfield.

May 2009, Bolo entered the South East Regional Conformation Show where under SV Judge Hans-Peter Schweimer (kennel “vom Nordlandzwinger”).  Bolo was awarded a V-rating (EXCELLENT). Hans-Peter Schweimer has been a conformation judge since 1996 and a Körmeister since 2001. To learn more about GSD Conformation ratings click here.

Also, at the South East Regional Conformation Show Bolo was presented for his Breed Survey. The requirements to enter a dog in the breed survey event are not easy to achieve. To enter a breed survey the dog must be absolutely healthy, a minimum of 2 years of age, must have an AD title, received a rating of at least “good” in a conformation show, must have obtained at least a performance title of SchH 1 and must have certified hips (free of dysplasia). During a breed survey the GSD is weighed, measured, and tested to the GSD standard. To learn more about GSD Breed Survey click here.  Bolo was awarded a Koer Klasse 1 which is the highest breed survey classification and is awarded to dogs recommended for breeding.


Bolo’s achievements were attained with some much appreciated help.  It is often said that it takes a village to raise & train a schutzhund dog.

There are several clubs around the Atlanta area (Coal Mountain, Rising Star, Chattahoochee, GASA, & South Metro) and Bolo has trained and/or trial at most of them. Early on in his training he benefited greatly from attending monthly Debbie Zappia seminars put on by Atlanta K9 Academy. Our main training club for the past few years has been Coal Mountain, from the training director to the sergeant at arms to the great helpers to the extraordinary club members, everyone at the club has helped to shape Bolo into the dog he is today.  Thank you one & all.

Maybe even more important than the training that he received, is the nutrition that contributed to his sound body. Bolo has been feed a raw diet all of his life (well, since he came home at 8-weeks). In addition to the meat & veggies, he received some supplements. And there are a few products that we would like to mention. First is Hokamix. Hokamix is a natural herbal supplement consisting of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients that occur naturally in the herbs. This product is awesome for the coat, but more importantly for the hips! Holamix is unfortunately no longer available in the USA. Another product that was crucial in Bolos development was Structure. He received Structure until he was 4 – 6 months old (it is a supplement only for nursing mothers & puppies). Once “weaned” from Structure, he received the supplement Vertex. Vertex is chocked full of effective antioxidants like vitamins C, E and even much more powerful antioxidants from micro algae called Astaxanthin. So, if you’ve seen Bolo at a trial and thought that he has a nice coat and a glow of good health, now you know why. Nearly all of Bolo’s leashes, tugs, & toys were purchased from Horton’s Quality K9.


Here is a look back at Bolo through the years:

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  1. Fred Lanting on

    Bolo is a dog to be proud of… excellent hips and superior character. Very good structure and expression, normal pigment. Good open pedigree. Mr.GSD recommends him.

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