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Great Turkey Day weekend

We had a wonderful overnight trip to Pete’s Dads for a turkey feast. Faye made a wonderful feast with turkey, stuffing and all the fixings… very yummy.

And the dogs really enjoyed the overnight in the Red Roof Inn. Bolo especially enjoyed the outing, since he is now going on month two of his crate restriction with limited walking, following his leg injury. He is getting better and at the end of the week he is going to another vet for a follow-up/second opinion.

Raven Cliffs Falls Hiking

We spent a good part of the day today hiking this 5 mile round trip trail.  We left the dogs home for this one.  Tasha has some swelling her foot, possibly a hairline fracture, so she is on the injured list.  We hope to get x-rays this week so we know for sure what is going on with her.  Of course it’s in an area that can’t be put in a cast or much else that can be done to help it heal… other than staying off it which means no 5 mile hikes. After our hike we enjoyed a quick lunch in Helen.  Photos of our hike are up on our photo album, so click the link to the right and enjoy.

Byron Herbert Reece Trail Hiking

Today we hiked on Byron Herbert Reece Trail. It is a .7 mile trail that leads to the Appalachian Trail.  Then we hiked along the AT for a mile to get to the Walasi-Yi Interpretive Center which is the only place that the AT goes through a man-made structure during the trail’s 2100 plus miles.  Who knows maybe piece by little piece we will get to hike all of the Appalachian Trail… OK maybe not!   Pictures are posted on our website so click on the link to our online photo album to see a few photos from our day hike.

Bolo visited his mom today

It has been quite a few years since Bolo visited with his mother, Usha.  She recently turned 13 years old and still looks pretty good.


Left to right, Bolo 5 yrs, Usha 13 yrs


Before the visit with Usha it was an early morning at the schutzhund field.  It is getting really hot very quickly her in HOTlanta.  So we try to get all the training in very early.    And there were repairs to  be made today.


Jared fixing the light.
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