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Natasha of Rottn’n Manor / May 13, 2003 – June 20, 2013


It is with a heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our friend Tasha tonight.  On Monday evening when we got home from work, we found her in distress from bloat (for those not familiar with this:   We took her immediately to our vet and surgery was performed, and then she was transferred to an emergency vet for overnight monitoring which our vet could not provide.  She fought valiantly and pulled through a rough few post-op days.  We thought that we might have dodged the bullet when the emergency vet released her, but within hours of coming home troubling changes were seen.  And the downward spiral began.  It was just too much to ask.

When we adopted Tasha 8 years ago, she was a troubled girl with behavior issues.  We turned her around into a dog that those who met her, even the vet staff, became quite fond of her.  She was even been invited to neighborhood parties!

We have fond memories now.  I’d like to share a few.

One I have of Tasha’s gentle side that, at the time I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing.  A 10/11 year old autistic child approached her (this was in the early days of ownership, when we were still working some of those behavior issues) and I was quite cautious when “strangers” approached.  Tasha was the most relaxed (almost tranquilized look to her face) that I had seen her up to that point in a strange public place with strangers…when the child hugged her, she gently leaned into the embraced and closed her eyes.  That day I started to see her differently.  She had a soft spot for children.

But she wasn’t all mush; she was a Rottweiler, a warrior, a working dog at heart.  There was this day that always brings a smile to my face.  We joined the Schutzhund dogs, mostly German Shepherds, for an outing to a sheep herding test.  She was already 7 ½ years old, not a youngster by Rottie standards. That day, she showed the GSD’s a thing or two about moving sheep around a pen.  I would like to thank my friend Scott for the video, here is Tasha herding sheep:

Hope there are plenty of sheep, an abundance of cookies (that don’t go to your waist), maybe even a squirrel or two, and no more aches & pains anymore!

Bolo took 1st place in the trick contest at the Top Dogs Pet Boutique Paw Festival in Kennesaw.

Taking Bolo to theses types of events is a bit like wearing a sparkling evening gown into a department store… he gets noticed. 

We have been invited to do an obedience demo at an event in October and I thought that this would give us a nice opportunity to practice with the distractions of loud-speaker announcements and dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Bolo is such a pleasure to take to these types of events.  He demonstrates a stable temperament, sound body, and willingness to work under just about any condition asked of him.  It is so nice to show the average person what a German Shepherd Dog is supposed to look like and act like.  Most people there asked me what he was mixed with; as they are familiar only with the washed out, over angulated, and often with poor temperament version bred most often here in the US.  I explain to anyone who asks and everyone who will listen about the requirements of the breed survey… most are simply amazed that a dog would be required to do so much… I tell them that a GSD should be a working dog first!

Tasha earned a few letters to add to the end of her name today

We attended a French Ring trial and Tasha earned a CSAU. OK, what the heck is that you’re asking? Here is a description: We had a fun time. And we got to watch some highly trained dogs earn their ring titles. The club members of the Atlanta Working Dog Club made us feel welcomed. It was a good day.

Dog Day in the Park, Jasper

Bolo and I had so much fun, so did a lot of other dogs and their owners. Event day photos have now been posted at

There is even one of Bolo having his tail measured for the longest tail contest… there were several Great Danes and a Burmese Mountain dog, so Bolo didn’t medal in that competition. I wish I had taken my time to stack him in the GSD pose, but oh well, everyone was just impressed that he didn’t move a muscle while the measurement was going on.

Schutzhund Club Sheep Herding – Tasha’s video

One of the members of CMSA, Scott, brought along his video camera and captured Tasha’s second session in the pen with the sheep.  He posted it on YouTube here:   Thanks Scott for the video!  

At the end you can really see that Brian, the instructor, was getting Tasha to work the herd.

Schutzhund Club Sheep Herding Instinct Testing

Today was a fun day for Bolo & Tasha.  They got to go play with sheep.  Several members of the Coal Mountain Schutzhund Association took their dogs to The Canine Ranch for a Herding Instinct Test. All the dogs tested, showed their willingness to work the sheep and will receive their “Instinct Testing Certificate”.  The photos have been uploaded here:  In some of the photos it may look like the dogs got a little rough on the sheep, but no sheep were hurt during this event. Their thick hides, wool, and the talent of Brian, the trainer, protected them from any damage from the dogs in training.  A few of the dogs did, however, suffer cut pads and sore muscles from being over exuberant chasing the stock.

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