Natasha of Rottn’n Manor, CGC, CSAU

DOB:  May 13, 2003     EOW: June 20, 2013                   AKC:  WS04165905

Tasha was quite the character.  We adopted Tasha when she was 2 years old.  Since arriving at Rottn’ Manor, she discovered the thrill of the chase (those rascally rabbits & squirrels) and the refreshing waters of Loch Strudel (our pond).  She could be very sweet and loving, but walk behind the van when she’s in her crate and she’ll let you know that she’s not happy with your presence in her “space”!

She was in training for her Schutzhund Begleithund (BH).  The BH is both an obedience test and overall temperament test.  The obedience consist of on and off leash heeling exercises and a long down stay.  During the temperament test, the dog’s behavior is evaluated under distractions including automobile traffic, joggers, and bikers passing by, a group of people crowding the dog, another dog walking by with the owner out of sight, etc. This assures that nervous, shy, or aggressive dogs are excluded from competition and from breeding. This also ensures that the tested dog possesses a stable, healthy temperament and is not a danger to humans.

Tasha’s early socialization (or possible lack of) before we adopted her makes this a challenging test for her. She has come a long ways from being an overly suspicious dog to almost a completely social butterfly.


Tasha came a long ways since her arrival at Rottn’ Manor and much of the thanks goes to the members our main training club, Coal Mountain, from the training director to the sergeant at arms to the great helpers to the extraordinary club members, everyone at the club has helped Tasha in some way.

Tasha was feed a raw diet since coming to live at Rott’n Manor. In addition to the meat & veggies, she received Hokamix. Hokamix is a natural herbal supplement consisting of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients that occur naturally in the herbs. This product is awesome for the coat, but more importantly for the hips!  If you would like more info about Hokamix, it is currently being imported into the USA by Horton’s Quality K9. Also, nearly all of Tasha’s leashes, tugs, & toys were purchased from Horton’s Quality K9.  And one final “shout out”, a BIG thank you goes out to Greg & Jean of Country Home Kennels, our dogs home away from home while we go on all those wonderful trips.


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  1. Dave Swan on

    Simlpy awesome. How similar how our Tashas came into our lives. I too rescued Tasha. A co-worker clocked in and immediately asked if any of us wanted a dog. The next day he was frantic and asked again. I asked him what kind of dog she was and he told me she was a pure bread unspayed rottie. I without hesitation said I would take her. The next day he(Clayton) asked me if I was serious about her and when I said yes a sigh of relief came from him. Tuurned out her family was literally thown from the house they were renting and Tasha was left behinnd. Clayton went and brought her to his house. I went that day and picked her up. Sadly her ribs were just about all she had for structure. The sadness in her eyes when I got down to greet her was a tear jerker. She was despirately seeking care and caring yet understandibly hesitant. I said hello to her and presented my hand and with our first touch she came and tucked her head right under my arm. We had a ywo hour ride and she was great. She layed right down as if knowing she was safe. She got restless and before the rest area a few miles ahead she vomited. Literally garbage came up. Clayton had given her some Gravytrain but plastic pieces, tinfoil and more came up. We got to the rest area and walked, unleashed, and for her to get settled again. Ounce we got to my town I went strait to the vet. I got there just afer they closed however as I explained my last few hours the brought her right in. The doctor was astounded by her features stating what a beautiful dog she was and of great breeding. A shot, some highly nutitious tid-bits and supliments and we were home. He asked me tto come in the next day and gave her a more thurough examination examinatiion and he again complimented her breeding. An x-ray showed great bone structure and great hips. In fact he was so impressed with her and how I got her he OFA certified her hips for free and was so sad she didn’t have papers for AKC. the x-ray also showed she wes with litter. Seven little pups so a high calorie and fat rich diet was set in place and regular visits to the Dr. Also, plenty of excercise. A healthy littter with six of seven sruviving, we figured a yellow lab was the sire and off to the vet we all went. I had the pup’s claws and tails done and sold the pups to good families. When I turned some people away they war generally not happy. She was a beautiful 110lbs with markings and a temperament and inteligence that we just loved. My boys 2 1/2 and 4 were all over her annd she just loved them. A wonderful, fun time; the bunch of us onn the floor roling around-wow, just a great memory. Your Tasha’s story is great and I knnow she’ll accell inn compotition. Thanks for sharing. Thasa lover, Dave

    • Peter & Mary on

      What a great story. Our Tasha was not in bad shape at all when we got her. She was well cared for physically, but had little human contact. So, she didn’t trust strangers.

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